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Stiftung Bildung & Handwerk
Waldenburger Straße 19
33098 Paderborn

International Department (english)

The Foundation for Education & Crafts (Stiftung Bildung & Handwerk, SBH) was founded in 2001 by the local Guild of Craftsmen (Kreishandwerkerschaft Paderborn-Lippe, KH) of Paderborn-Lippe. Since 1903, the KH had devoted itself to vocational education and training. Right from its foundation the SBH has continued in that tradition from within its own vocational training centres. 



The SBH depends on skills and specialised knowledge of almost 3,000 full-time employees. Whether these people are carpenters or administrative staff, industrial engineers or trainers, social workers or qualified IT specialists, the SBH builds on the expertise of its people in its efforts to transfer of expertise and soft skills to others. All over Germany, the SBH employs professionals from more than 30 nations. We include our employees in all necessary change processes and are in constant two-way dialogue with them. 



The SBH provides education. From general education through technical learning and professional training to university studies, the companies in the foundation give our people a leg up into their future career by means of high-quality further education. The SBH is committed to the goal of promoting education – which we understand as learning and development processes – at all stages of the individual’s life course. We provide skills to help people on their journey to long-term success. That is why the SBH is involved in creating equality of opportunity in society. Corporate citizenship is thus part of our corporate responsibility. The SBH offers tailor-made consulting, counselling, education and mediation services. From childcare to school, on-the-job training, vocational training, vocational rehabilitation, occupational health management and personnel services, we offer education understood as learning and development processes, taking a holistic approach to develop concepts that meet current and future training needs and that support each individual’s professional success.  The educational institutions of the SBH include kindergartens, schools, vocational training centres and universities of applied sciences.



Communication is a key to success. A focus on the practical, maintaining contact with regional industry and undertaking collaborative and networking activities are all part of our educational work. That is why we work according to certified standards within a process-oriented quality management regime with the aim of implementing uniform quality standards and of improving our processes continuously to ensure efficient and effective communication internally between our employees and externally with all our customers and partners.


Education "Made in Germany"

The SBH designs customer-focussed educational services, both on behalf of public institutions and for companies. This work depends on the support of our branch offices in Europe and beyond. Since SBH's foundation we have been active internationally through our team, "SBH International", in close collaboration with colleagues from our offices in Estonia, Poland, Iran and Vietnam. We currently have cooperation agreements with universities, educational organizations and corporations in Europe, but especially in Asia.


Sector Skills

Vocational training & occupational retraining:Professional orientation is aimed at student from general education schools from the 8th grade. Young people, who are orientated in technical/commercial, commercial and social professions, are supported in the planning of professional future. In cross-company and comparable vocational training centres, young people are given the opportunity to gain practical experience in professional workshops in SBH. By getting to know professional alternatives-young people get realistic ideas about their own Skills and interests, learning different occupational fields, get the chance to become aware of your strengths, promote your social and personal skills-make sure, your career needs.


Vocational preparationpromotes learning-weak and/or disadvantaged young people with the aim of integrating them into training or working life (9 – 18 months). Within the framework of professional orientation, the practical areas of construction, gardening and landscaping, personal care, wood, colour and space design, metal, installation technology as well as domestic management are offered.


“German Dual Apprenticeship” is promoted in professional advancement 

Industrial & Technical

Commercial & Administrative

Information Technology (IT)


Training to educate specialist in micro-systems technology, micro-solar technology, and maintenance of mechatronic systems, co-operative engineering studies in micro-technology, electronics, automation, measurement technology and photovoltaics, chemistry


Coaching and competence identification 

Personal and professional change processes are challenging and often not easy. Would you like advice and support in finding personal and professional goals? Would you like to develop an application strategy and implement it successfully? We offer individually or in small groups, a goal-oriented and solution-oriented consultation in private and professional terms.

We take a look at topics like vocational training and employment, Language, communication, soft skills, challenges of business life. Together with our client, we explore experiences, skills and knowledge as well as interests and create a personal competence profile.


Vocational rehabilitation & occupational health management 

The individual mediation coaching

The objectives of the measure are the placement of concrete jobs and vocational reintegrationbycreation of a meaningful applicant profile, demonstration of different ways of gathering information in the job search, submitting concrete job offers, preparation of the application documents, Preparation and follow-up of job interviews, accompaniment to the interview.


Virtual learning

Virtual learning is entering high-speed manual and industrial manufacturing processes. New technologies open up unimagined opportunities and present companies with major challenges. Whether industrial master, virtual welding courses or e-pneumatics - interactive and multimedia learning offers numerous opportunities for intensive and innovative training.

Our offer includes courses of study and the possibility of distance learning, training in driving simulator, learning in the virtual classroom as well as the preparation for a diversified activity in digital job descriptions. Our training courses are practical, compact and are operated by experienced trainers.

We are offering Study Visits, VETPRO-Program.


Internationality - Projects & References  

For several years, SBH has been offering apprentices in various occupations the opportunity to gain work and everyday experience in other European countries within the framework of mobility projects. From 2009 on based on mobility certificate. At the same time, “Stiftung Bildung & Handwerk” realizes learning and exchange programs for apprentices and vocational education professionals from other European countries. We plan, carry out, and supervise experience exchanges, business contacts and company internships. Beyond that, we offer opportunities to exchange experiences and ideas in workshops, lectures, seminars, and company tours. In addition, we organize professional programs to get to know different educational and industrial sectors as well as courses for professional advanced training in our vocational institutes.


Contact Persons​


Mrs Angela Bender

angela.bender@s-h-b.de //+ 49 5251 700 249

Project Coordinator / Coordinator Professional Mobility in Europe

Skills and expertise: Language teacher, working for 20 years in vocational education and training programmes, especially in the field of VET for disadvantaged apprentices and educational programmes for students / professionals from abroad 15 years’ experience in project management: Management and co-ordination of EU projects within “PLL”: Mobility Projects, Partnership projects and TOI-projects Implementation of strategy of internationalization of SBH

  • Specialized in mobility exchanges
  • Realization of good practise projects
  • Networking with schools, companies and institutions to realize the programmes

Mr Stefan Blecke 

stefan.Blecke@s-b-h.de //+ 49 5251 700 145

Project Assistance / Administration

  • Specialised in organization and all kind of administrative tasks
  • 10 years of experiences in mobility projects​

Mrs Hang Vo

hang.vo@s-b-h.de// +49 5251 700 291

  • Project coordinator for international projects 
  • Skills and expertise: Teacher for GFL (German as a foreign language) and project coordinator for more than 10 years in international environment, with special focus on Vietnam: 
  • Networking in the German Education Network for Employability (GENEV) in Vietnam and implementation process of International German School in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
  • Coordination of the recruiting and training program “Dual & Global”
  • Networking with companies, institutions and authorities to realize the projects and programs
  • Experiences in mobility projects and EU-Programs

Mr Jürgen Klingbeil

juergen.klingbeil@s-b-h.de //+ 49 5251 700 274

  • Project Coordinator / Leading International affairs SBH
  • Skills and expertise: Working for 25 years in vocational education and training programmes
  • 20 years’ experience in project management:
  • Management and co-ordination of EU projects (TOI)
  • Management and co-ordination of international projects in Asia (Vietnam, Iran, China)
  • Researcher in University of Applied Sciences
  • Development of strategy of internationalization of SBH
  • Responsible for public relations and working as a freelance journalist since many years 

Mr Elmar Mühlenbein

elmar.muehlenbein@s-b-h.de//+49 5251 700 245

  • Project Manager 
  • Recruiting, placement and monitoring for apprentices, students and professionals from abroad 
  • Project Manager for Federal projects and customer-oriented projects







Ihre Ansprechpartnerin:
Marion Hantke

Mail presse@s-b-h.de

Stiftung Bildung & Handwerk
Waldenburger Straße 19
33098 Paderborn
Ihre Ansprechpartnerin:
Marion Hantke

Mail presse@s-b-h.de

Stiftung Bildung & Handwerk
Waldenburger Straße 19
33098 Paderborn